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Kianpour Historical Residence

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Kianpour historical residence is located  in the posht baroo quarter. Charbaq paieen street ,central county of Isfahan that is in the Private ownership of Mr Hoshang kianpour with  National registration number 29426  , with an area of ​​about 436 square meters and length width and height (6.5 * 17.5 * 27) and is kid of Home purebred Iranian architecture with features of four trellis  with Myansra.

The home  main entrance was  Composed of sunshade and destroyed. By corridor we enter  from  the southwest part  into the vestibule and then Myansra. North side Contains of  alcove Hall of and rooms on Both sides, covering of  alcove  is in the form of arch and roof and has decorative painting on plaster Mirrors and stucco that  Separates from Myansra space by sash wooden with arabesque style. Alcove side rooms are designed simplify and  Provide the connection between the alcove room and Eastern and western sides rooms.

East side rooms of Kianpour Residence House, include the  Hall of winter living room with  Wooden sash with  arabesque style  and a with three door that is covered by marquee Roof room and In terms of Decorations have Mogharnas and train layout on shelves and around the roof  Of Other areas can mention to the kitchen And wells and source wells that  is created changes In wells and the source wells during previous years and are destroyed  Completely.The West side rooms also include Hall of winter living room with wooden sash with style Arabesque and the room with three door that is covered by same  Roof marquee but in terms of  Decorations is designed simply and Without Special Decorations. South side rooms or Banquet room is designed a five-door and forms only the space of this side in the  ground Floor.

The ground Floor of this side had  moonlit Porch and two rooms(adjoining Room) in the both sides that is located the West side room on the Entrance corridor and included top floor Staircase that is destroyed and at the moment  access to they It is possible by The staircase from entrance corridor. East side room has Unique architecture and wooden roof.Based on available evidence, the Kianpour’s historical house appertain to  the early Qajar period and style Esfahani. After the restoration process quite principled and scientific and In accordance with the criteria and Domestic and international law Under the supervision of experts Private sector,  in the plan of revitalization  in order to boutique hotel with Maintaining originality in form of Architecture and Decorating dependent on technical  change and all of technical- welfare services with modern facilities for guests is be created  with a view of , stay in the time tunnel with the peace, comfort and quality and  Start its activity in 2015.

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kianpour residence house

Kianpour Historical Residence Isfahan, Iran

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