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Dadamaan Hotel Zanjan

Dadamaan Hotel Zanjan
Zanjan Iran

Dadamaan hotel Zanjan is the first and only traditional hotel in Zanjan. This old building ( 200-year-old) was made into

aghazadeh historical house

Aghazadeh Boutique Hotel
Abarkuh Iran

Aghazadeh Boutique Hotel part of Aghazadeh Historical complex (Mansion) was built during the Qajar Dynasty and is located in Abarkuh,

Kasian Hotel Givi house

Kasian Hotel
Kashan Iran

Kasian Hotel is a brand new 4-star traditional hotel in Kahsan. It was known as Givi House before which was

ghasr monshi esfahan

Ghasr Monshi Hotel
Isfahan Iran

Ghasr Monshi Hotel is a remainder of Qajar Dynasty from early 1200’s SH (1820’s AD). Therefore, while the Palace provides

Tabib Hotel Shushtar

Tabib Hotel Shushtar
Shushtar Iran

Tabib Hotel shushtar (new name for Afzal House) is a unique old house in Shushtar full of architectural decorations such

keshish house priest's hous

Keshish House
Isfahan Iran

Keshish House or priest’s house was built in Safavid era and was purchased by Mr. Homayoun Afham, one of the

Bistoon Laleh Hotel

Bistoon Laleh Hotel
kermanshah Iran

Bistoon Laleh Hotel, located at the historical Bistoon region, had been used as a caravanserai long time ago. It has


Dad Hotel
Yazd Iran

Dad Hotel building was built 80 years ago near . Its design and architecture is so fascinating and unique. It

keryas hotel esfahan

Keryas Hotel
Isfahan Iran

A Qajar Building The building of Keryas Hotel is a jewel of the architecture survived from Qajar era with nearly

Fazeli Hotel Yazd

Fazeli Hotel Yazd
Yazd Iran

Fazeli Hotel Yazd, located in Vaght-o-sa’at square is a facility founded in 2016. It is only a couple of minutes

Fahadan museum hotel

Fahadan Museum Hotel
Yazd Iran

Fahadan Museum Hotel, in the center of Yazd historic zone, dates back to Qajar era. Its building consists of three

forough hotel shiraz

Forough Hotel Shiraz
Shiraz Iran

Forough Hotel Shiraz is one of the Shiraz hotels in Iran. In fact, it is part of Forough Al-Mulk mansion since Qajar era which was renovated to a hotel. The other part is known as Meshkinfam Museum of Arts. The peaceful atmosphere and adobe architecture of Forough Boutique hotel attracts everybody. Its open courtyard, nice terraces, beautiful fountains, wooden windows with colorful glasses and artful tile works are the advantages of staying at this hotel.

Book your Traditional Hotel in Iran

Do you want to reserve a traditional hotel in Iran? You are at the right place! Iran Traditional Hotels can help you find and book your favorite room in Iran traditional hotels.
There’s a variety of accommodations for your stay in Iran and you can choose the one that fits your expectations best.
We have a good source of Iran traditional hotels with a wide range of prices and amenities, from guest houses to 1-5 star traditional hotels. We can book them for you in all cities of Iran  including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, Kerman, Mashhad, Kish, Ahwaz, Qom, Kashan and Bushehr.

Best Time to Book Your Hotel

Since 2014 the number of tourists visiting Iran has increased dramatically as a result it is difficult to book a hotel in Iran right away. In high seasons, Iran high-quality hotels are booked from months earlier. Due to the limited number of rooms which is not increasing with the same rate as the number of tourists, please book your accommodation as soon as your travel plan is ready.

“Iran Traditional Hotels” a subdivision of Markar Travel Agency can help you choose and book your hotel or hostel all through Iran. In addition, We perform visa, domestic transportation ticket booking, Iran tours and transfer services.

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