Persian Cuisine is amazing!If you have traveled to Iran before or had a meal in a Persian restaurant outside Iran or maybe have been invited by an Iranian family for lunch or dinner in your home country, you have definitely tasted the unbelievable art of Persian Culinary. Here, I am going to introduce you some of the local cuisines of some cities of Iran:


1- Lubia sefid (White beans) Dizi: Dizi (Abgousht) is one of the oldest foods allover Iran. This kind of Dizi is cooked with local white beans of Kashan.

Ingredients: Onion, Mutton, tomato paste, potato, Omani lime, local white beans and spice.

white beans Dizi

2- Kashani Tas Kebab: is a kind of Tas kebeb cooked with special recipe in Kashan.

Ingredients: mutton, onion, egg plant, tomato, pomegranate paste and spice.

Kashani tas Kebeb

3- Chelo Dizi: is mix of Dizi with rice

Ingredients: rice, mutton, black-eyed beans, onion, oil and spice

Chelo dizi


1- Beryani: is a famous, tasty and very strong food in Isfahan

Ingredients: Sheep lung, mutton, sheep fat, onion, walnut, almond, pistachio and spice

Isfahan Beryani

2- Halim Bademjan: is another nutritious food in Isfahan

Ingredients: mutton, rice, onion, egg plant, garlic, saffron, kashk, fried mint powder and spice

halim bademjan

3-Maast (Yogurt) stew: as it name shows, is mainly made from yogurt.

Ingredients: yogurt, sugar, mutton, egg (yoke), onion, rose extract, barberry, almond, pistachio and spice

Maast (Yogurt) stew


1-Shuli Pottage: is one of the most popular and delicious foods in Yazd. It is considered as a light meal you can eat at any time.

Ingredients: espionage, dill, wheat flour, beetroot, green lentils, onion, oil, vinegar and spice

shuli pottage

2- Yazdi Gheymeh (pea Gheymeh) stew: is a different kind of “Gheymeh” stew in Yazd

Ingredients: onion, peas, mutton, Omani lime, saffron, turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom and spice

Yazdi Gheyme

3- Beh va Alu (quince & plum) stew: This stew has a fantastic taste and can be tart or sweet.

Ingredients: quince, plum, mutton, yellow split peas, onion, oil, ginger and spice.

Beh va Alu (quince&plum) stew:


1- Shirazi polo: is the best typical of Shirazi food.

Ingredients: rice, chicken, eggplant, yogurt, barberry, pistachio, almond, saffron and spice

shirazi polo

2- “Dopiazeh aalu” (potato & onion): is a simple and fast-made food which is served at nights with bread. In Shirazi dielect “aalu” means potato, not plum!

Ingredients: Onion, potato,tomato paste and spice

dopiazeh aalu

3- “Shirazi kalam polo” (lunar cabbage): is originally from Shiraz, but it is also cooked in other cities of Iran.

Ingredients: Lunar cabbage, ground mutton, onion, rice, peas powder, chives, basil, thyme and spice

kalam polo


1- “Bozghormeh” stew: is the most famous food in Kerman,however it is also cooked in other cities of Iran

Ingredients: goat meat, peas, onion, garlic, kashk, saffron, fried spearmint powder and seasoning


2- “Zireh” polo: zireh or cumin is a famous local product of Kerman which is used many in “polo”s.

Ingredients: black cumin, rice , oil and spice

zireh polo

3- “Aalucheh” stew: in Iran “cheh” is the suffix for making small or making raw. Aalu means plum, as the result Aalucheh is small or raw plum.

Ingredients: mutton, raw plum, cranberry beans, tomato paste, dried coriander & parsley, onion and spice

aalucheh stew


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