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Bistoon Laleh Hotel

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4 star
1 nights

Bistoon Laleh Hotel, located at the historical Bistoon region, had been used as a caravanserai long time ago. It has been renovated and turned into a traditional hotel since 2015.

Before the advent of modern means of transportation, goods were carried by animals. A procession of camels, horses and mules crossed searing deserts to reach their destinations. Caravans, as they are commonly known, sometimes traveled for months. As deserts and mountain roads were often dangerous and the weather extreme, a peculiar form of accommodation developed on the routes of caravans. These structures called caravanserais, were fashioned to meet the demands of caravans. They all had a spacious yard surrounded by small rooms. A water well, a barn and warehouse for supplies constituted other parts of these massive structures. There are many instances of these extraordinary caravanserais in Iran. One in particular draws a lot of attention. Why? Since it is a five-star luxury hotel! Bistoon Laleh Hotel in Kermanshah is a renovated caravanserai dating back to the early 17th century. The management of the hotel have spent a healthy sum to get the requirements of a five-star accommodation. Located 25 km away from Kermanshah, the hotel has 20 rooms with 59 beds. The lobby has the capacity of over fifty people and ample parking space is provided for the guests. Shirin Restaurant, in the yard of the hotel, offers marvelous Iranian and international cuisine. But all the phenomenal features above still fall short of the top asset of Kermanshah’s Laleh Hotel; location! Laleh Resort Hotel in Kermanshah lies next to a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bistoon Inscription is a set of carved figured and an engraved inscription telling the glorious story of Darius the Great, the mightiest of kings in ancient Persia.

The rooms of Bistoon Laleh Hotel have no windows.

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Policies of Bistoon Laleh Hotel

up to 1 month before check-in free of charge| less than 1 month full charge
under 6 Yrs free (without bed)| above 6 yrs, full price| Extra bed, 15 EUR per night

Amenities of Bistoon Laleh Hotel

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    Baggage Room
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    Coffee Shop
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    Fire Extinguisher
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    Reception (24H)
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The rooms have no windows.
Bistoon Laleh Hotel

Bistoon Laleh Hotel kermanshah, Iran

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