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[accordion-item title=”How can I pay for reservations?”]

we send you a link to pay online thru the gateway of our money exchange.

[accordion-item title=”what credit card should I use to pay?”]

You can use all main credit cards like: Visa, Master Card, American Express,etc.

[accordion-item title=”where is the payment gateway?”]

All the gateways we use are outside Iran, mostly in Europe.

[accordion-item title=”Is it safe to pay via payment link you send to us?”]

Yes, it is 100% safe either during filling in your private information or during the transaction process.

[accordion-item title=”Can I pay my reservation fee in Iran?”]

No; due to the high demand for hotels in Iran, it is not possible to reserve without advance payment.

[accordion-item title=”How can I cancel my reservations?”]

you need to email us and request at least 1 week before your check-in date. (refer to terms & conditions for more information)

[accordion-item title=”how is the refund process?”]

After receiving cancel confirmation from hotel, we send the refund sum to your credit card account after deducting the exchange and administrative fees from it. (refer to terms & conditions for more information)

[accordion-item title=”when should I apply for my hotel reservation?”]

At least 3 months before your arrival especially in high seasons (mid March to mid June and mid August to mid November)

[accordion-item title=”what is the exchange rate you use for your quotes?”]

The official rate is based on Central Bank of Iran and, but we often use a rate between it and the unofficial rate.

[accordion-item title=”Is there any hidden fees like tax,etc?”]

Not at all!; the quotes we send to your email are the final price we request from you.

[accordion-item title=”How much is your commission for reservations?”]

For hotel reservations we often ask for no commissions!



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