Iravani Historic House

Iravani Historic House

Iravani Historic House is situated at the heart of the old fabric of the historical city of Isfahan, standing proud next to the very oldest religious edifice of Isfahan known as the Jame Mosque.The unique architecture of this two-century-old Iranian monument dates back to the Qajar era in the early nineteenth century. It was registered […]

oedibehesht seray hotel

Saraye Ordibehesht Hotel

Ordibehesht Hotel with eighty years old has been refurbished in traditional style. It is open to all Iranian and foreign guests. This hotel offers three stars hotel services. It has all the modern equipment and it is placed near Zayanderoud which is the main beauty in Isfahan. The hotel is located in the west of […]

bekheradi historical house Bekhradi's) Historical House

Bekhradi’s Historical House

  Bekhradi’s Historical House (Bekhradi Historical House) is the first and only Safavid historical house that has been restored and used in Iran as a traditional residence since 2005. This Safavid house has been renovated and modified for those who are looking for the comfort of a hotel, along with the privacy and convenience of […]

arge golpayegan hotel

ArgeGoogad Hotel

The historic 3-star ArgeGoogad hotel (Googad Castle Hotel) is in the old county of Golpayegan in Googad town in the province of Isfahan. ArgeGoogad is located on the path of the famous Silk Road and is the second building of Iran’s clay and mud, which dates back to about four centuries ago. It was used as […]

Attar Luxury Traditional Hotel
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