abol-qasim hotel

Malekzadeh House

Malekzadeh House or Shah Abol_Qasim Boutique Hotel was built about 150 years ago by Mohammad Sadegh Arab. The entrance is of adobe and clay. After passing a “Hashti” with stucco ceiling you’ll reach the yard. There is a “Panjdari” decorated with plastering and mirror works at the north of building and 3 “Sedari” at the […]

parhami house

Parhami Traditional House

Parhami Traditional House is a hotel in Shiraz . It has a lovely yard with pool. Its restaurant is so popular that you can get cooking tour there. Parhami hotel is located in old quarters and very close to historical sites. “Iran Traditional Hotels” with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is […]

eyvan hotel

Eyvan Hotel

Eyvan Traditional Hotel is a 3 star hotel that is located in Mahan city near Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine. It has a beautiful garden,good restaurant for all meals,cozy an quiet place for getting relaxed. If you want to stay in a traditional hotel in kerman we suggest this hotel to you “Iran Traditional Hotels” with […]

House of Elephant Boutique Hotel

House of Elephant Boutique Hotel

House of Elephant Boutique Hotel is peacefully situated in the heart of the city of love & poetry, Shiraz Iran. This registered-cultural-heritage property, with its 260 year old splendour, has lovingly paid the most clever attention to details, in both design & comfort. The house dates back to the 19th century, yet every corner of […]

sepehri traditional shiraz

Sepehri Traditional House

  Sepehri Traditional House is a beautiful traditional house in Shiraz that is located in the historical area of Sange Siah (Black Stone). It features beautiful Persian architecture. It has 7 rooms with Twin, Triple and quad types. Sepehri hotel is so nice and the location of that is so great and you can get […]

traditional behrouzi qazvin

Behrouzi Traditional Hotel

Behrouzi Traditional Hotel in Qazvin is one of the finest Qazvin hotels. Behroozi House is one in the long list of old houses in Qazvin whose superb traditional architecture bewitches every viewer by engendering a nostalgic feeling for the time lost. A halo of simplicity and purity seem to be emanating from the fountain pool, […]

Iravani Historic House

Iravani Historic House

Iravani Historic House is situated at the heart of the old fabric of the historical city of Isfahan, standing proud next to the very oldest religious edifice of Isfahan known as the Jame Mosque.The unique architecture of this two-century-old Iranian monument dates back to the Qajar era in the early nineteenth century. It was registered […]

oedibehesht seray hotel

Saraye Ordibehesht Hotel

Ordibehesht Hotel with eighty years old has been refurbished in traditional style. It is open to all Iranian and foreign guests. This hotel offers three stars hotel services. It has all the modern equipment and it is placed near Zayanderoud which is the main beauty in Isfahan. The hotel is located in the west of […]

bekheradi historical house Bekhradi's) Historical House

Bekhradi’s Historical House

  Bekhradi’s Historical House (Bekhradi Historical House) is the first and only Safavid historical house that has been restored and used in Iran as a traditional residence since 2005. This Safavid house has been renovated and modified for those who are looking for the comfort of a hotel, along with the privacy and convenience of […]

orient hotel

Orient hotel

Orient hotel is a Traditional hotel in the heart of ancient quarter of Yazd and Marco polo roof garden restaurant belongs to this hotel. You can see all over the city from its viewpoint . Markar Travel with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite tour […]

arge golpayegan hotel

ArgeGoogad Hotel

The historic 3-star ArgeGoogad hotel (Googad Castle Hotel) is in the old county of Golpayegan in Googad town in the province of Isfahan. ArgeGoogad is located on the path of the famous Silk Road and is the second building of Iran’s clay and mud, which dates back to about four centuries ago. It was used as […]

karimkhan hotel

Karimkhan Hotel

The 3-star Karimkhan Hotel Shiraz was established in 2013 in Shiraz. It has a traditional architecture in a modern atmosphere. Karimkhan Hotel is in the city center of Shiraz just 5 minutes far from most of the tourist attractions in Shiraz including Eram Garden, the tomb of Hafez, and tomb of Saadi. Hotel is less […]

shaarbaf yazd hotel

Shaarbaf Hotel

The building of shaarbaf hotel belongs to Qajar era. The cultural heritage organization bought this house because of its notable and special architecture and location in Sharbaafi Passage and registered it as a national heritage. After restoration and reconstruction it has been changed into a traditional hotel. Markar Travel with years of experience in traditional-oriented […]

pasin taraditional shiraz

Pasin Traditional Hotel

Pasin Traditional Hotel is a family-run hotel which is located in the historical district of Shiraz and that you can access to the most of the tourism sites only by walking.  Pasin is not just a place to stay, it’s for having fun, experiencing Persian culture and meeting new people in friendly & welcoming atmosphere. […]

jungel hotel

Jungle Hotel

Jungel hotel is located in the middle of Yazd old city and you can visit most historical places by walk. Quiet, beautiful with reasonable price. It has seven twin rooms in two floors, the ceiling of three rooms are of glass that you can see the stars when you are in bed. Markar Travel with […]

pahlevan pour mehriz

Pahlavanpour Garden Traditional Hotel

Pahlavanpour Garden Traditional Hotel is one of the well-known and historical orchards of Iran. The orchard manifests Iranian and traditional architecture, and has an eye catching landscape. Located in Mehriz city, the orchard covers an area of roughly 5 hectares which is dated to Qajar era. Although the orchard was constructed in Qajar era, the […]

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