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[title text=”Noh Cham historical hotel”]

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iran hotel rate

iran hotel rate


Noh Cham historical hotel is a dream house located in Kashan in the local context of this city (city center). This magnificent historical house was built by skillful architects in Qajar dynasty. This house was built with adobe and it is a two-story historical-accommodation house, moreover, one of its features is having a wonderful rectangular courtyard. It’s another feature which is eye opening is symmetrical elements that make us think profoundly about how skillful Kashani architects were!

Iran Traditional Hotels” with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite tour package.

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Bathroom WC Bed TV Fridge Wi-Fi Safe Box Coffee/Tea maker Toiletries
Private Private Yes Yes Mini Free No No Yes
Room Types Breakfast Concierge AC pool Coffee shop Parking Room Service Restaurant
Quad Twin TPL Included Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes


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