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[title text=”Mozaffar Traditional Hotel”]

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iran hotel rate

iran hotel rate

iran hotel rate


Mozaffar Traditional Hotel building is for over 200 years ago. It is located on Motahhari Avenue in one of the most peaceful and quiet quarters of the city of wind catchers (Baadgirs).

Mozaffar Traditional Hotel was constructed in the historical city of yazd by the order of Mozaffar, a famous business man in the city of mud bricks, Yazd. This residential house with the area of 950 square meters has been one of the most unique residential places of Qajar era. The reconstruction began in 2009 and was finished after 10 months.This three-star hotel consists of Panjdari s, Baadgir s, an elegant hall, a traditional gym (zourkhane), a yard and a big beautiful pond in the center of it.

It has also 19 rooms with single, double, triple and quad rooms to accommodate its guests. Some of the double rooms are also in the form of twin beds. Overall, the hotel has 50 beds and all the rooms have a special space in them which is like a small warehouse for keeping your precious goods. The architecture of this accommodation is really excellent and mud bricks have been used to complete its restoration. The rooms are equipped with facilities such as European toilets, baths, TV, fridge, wireless Internet. This hotel has also a traditional restaurant providing local Persian and international foods to all its guests.

Iran Traditional Hotels” with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite travel package.

[title style=”bold-center” text=”Facilities”]

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Bathroom WC Bed TV Fridge Wi-Fi Safe Box Tea maker hairHair dryer Armchair
Private Private Yes Yes Mini Free No No Yes Yes
Room Types Breakfast Concierge AC pool Coffee shop Parking Room Service Restaurant


DBL – Twin

TPL – Quad

Included Yes Yes No No Yes Yes Yes


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