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[title text=”About Golshan Traditional Hotel”]

Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz is located in the center of the city. The street in which the is located is called Lotf Ali Khan Zand, and it is the most important street in Shiraz, the hub for most of tourist spots in Shiraz including Nasir ol Molk Mosque, Shah Cheragh Shrine, Narenjestan Ghavam, Madreseye Khan, Vakil Mosque, Arg of Karim Khan, etc.

Golshan Traditional Hotel is a Family Business and with its traditionally decorated and really beautiful courtyard, Golshan Traditional Hotel in Shiraz caters to a wide range of travelers who visit Shiraz. There are both dormitories and cozy private rooms at this hotel. The dorms are meant for low-budget travelers such as backpackers, and as to the rooms, they’re of two types; the ones that have private showers and bathrooms inside, and the ones whose bathrooms are commonly used by other guests.

Iran Traditional Hotels” with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite tour package.

For more information and reservation please contact us.

[title text=”Facilities”]

Private Bathroom Bed Restaurant Room service Breakfast included Wi-Fi Television 24H Concierge

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