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[title text=”About Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel Yazd”]

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Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel Yazd was built in Qajar era.

It has a unique traditional bathroom whose water is heated via a big copper bowl. A beautiful clothes-change room with untouched small pools inside and amazing geometric and artistic brick architecture has doubled the beauty of this bathroom.

There is a “Sardab” (traditional cellar/cool store) which only could be found in Luxurious houses at its time and was used for storing foods and family rest in summers because the temperature of this place is much cooler than the main building`s. There is usually a water creek originating from the “Kariz” (Ghanat) system to “Sardab”. Due to its elite architects and smart natural ventilation, the air is always cool and fresh even with many people staying there.

Next to the “Sardab” there is a “Pakane” (a place for dredging water).

Adibolmamalek Traditional Hotel Yazd is near the historic zone with 13 rooms (single, double, triple, quadrant, quintuplet and suite). Each room has TV, mini bar, WI-FI, modern air-con and heating system, fire alert, room service and a particular design and decoration. it is located in Yazd historic zone and is very close to “Jame” mosque, “Lariha” house, Iskandar (Alexander) jail, coin museum and traditional bazaar.

Iran Traditional Hotels” with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite tour package.

For more information and reservation please contact us.

[title text=”Facilities”]

Private Bathroom Bed Restaurant Room service Breakfast included Wi-Fi Television 24H Concierge

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