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[title text=”Seneek Traditional Hotel”]


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Iran is a predominantly Muslim country but there are many religious minorities who live in different cities. Yazd is one such multicultural city with a significant population of ethnic and religious minorities including Zoroastrians whose traditions and way of life have exerted a major influence on many levels of life in the society. Architecture is a sphere where these cultural impacts have been most conspicuous. Yazd’s accommodation sector boasts dazzling instances of such unique architecture. To show you one of the finest of these lodges, here we present Seneek Traditional Hotel in Yazd.

Markar Travel with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite tour package.

[title text=”Facilities”]

Bathroom WC Bed TV Fridge Wi-Fi Safe Box Coffee/Tea maker Toiletries
private private Yes Private Private Free No No Yes
Room Types Breakfast Concierge AC pool Coffee shop Parking Room Service



Quad Quin

Yes Yes Yes No No No Yes Yes

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