homayouni house

Homayouni House

About Homayouni House Homayouni House in Shiraz dates back to 200 years ago, Qajar era. In 2018, it was converted into a traditional lodge. Its lovely courtyard with the small pool in the middle and the traditional sitting area have created a delightful atmosphere for guests to relax. Location Homayouni House is at the heart […]

Niayesh hotel Shiraz

Niayesh Hotel Shiraz

About Niayesh Hotel Shiraz Niayesh Hotel Shiraz goes back to over 100 years ago when the literature Association of Shiraz was held there. As a result, it is the first traditional hotel in Shiraz. The architects respected the traditional style of Iranian architecture and carpentry while they were building this house. Another advantage of this […]

Panjdari Traditional House

About Panjdari Traditional House Panjdari Traditional House goes back to about 120 years ago, the end of Qajar dynasty. It has the area of 720 sqm. After many years of abandonment, it was converted into a traditional hotel in 2017. When you step into its beautiful courtyard you can smell the charming odor of Bitter […]

Forough Hotel Shiraz

About Forough Hotel Shiraz Forough Hotel Shiraz is one of the Shiraz hotels in Iran. In fact, it is part of Forough Al-Mulk mansion since Qajar era which was renovated to a hotel. The other part is known as Meshkinfam Museum of Arts. The peaceful atmosphere and adobe architecture of Forough Boutique hotel attracts everybody. […]

darbe shazdeh boutique hotel

Darbe Shazdeh Boutique Hotel

About Darbe Shazdeh Boutique Hotel Darbe Shazdeh Boutique Hotel is a relaxing and stylish traditional hotel and a typical of the  rich cultural heritage of Shiraz. At first, it was a Qajari mansion but later it was converted into a hotel in 2018. Location Darbe Shazdeh is in the heart of the historical quarter of […]