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[title text=”About Noghli House”]

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Noghli House Traditional Hostel is in the style of a traditional guesthouse and so it’s also known as Noghli House in Kashan which literally means “dainty house”. This hostel in Kashan is one of the most popular hostels not only in Kashan but in the whole country. There are certain reasons behind the popularity of this hostel in Iran among which the friendly home-like atmosphere of the this hostel is the most important one. Similar to most of Iranian women and men, the staff at this hostel are super nice. Staying at this hostel in Kashan means hanging around and socializing in the hostel’s beautiful courtyard or helping yourself with the always available free tea.

The atmosphere at Noghli Hostel in Kashan is very calm and peaceful. The quiet at this hostel is very pleasant especially to the guests who have just escaped the noisy, chaotic Tehran. It happens sometimes that the manager of Noghli House and some of his friends who are good musicians give a taste of Iranian traditional music to the guests. Another factor that contributes to the popularity of this hostel in Kashan is the local dishes that are served at this hostel at reasonable prices.

Iran Traditional Hotels” with years of experience in traditional-oriented tourism in ancient Iran is always happy to arrange your favorite tour package.

[title text=”Facilities”]

Private Bathroom Bed Restaurant Room service Breakfast included Wi-Fi Television 24H Concierge

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