Historical houses in kashan have a couple of features in common. High walls, grand yards with a central pool surrounded by Iranian gardens and fruit trees, extraordinary structures known as wind catchers and various stuccos and decorative plaster work are the most recognizable of these features.

There are literally tens of these historic masterpieces open to the public in Kashan. But the status of a museum isn’t the only function of these houses. Many of these houses are still residential. Families have been living in these museums of houses for decades.

However, to a modern worldview that requires small and pragmatic spaces, these houses seem too large and expensive for a single family to manage. That is why the owners came up with an ingenious solution that both guaranteed the proper maintenance of the historic house and paid all its expenses plus a healthy profit for the owner. By renovating their houses in its authentic historic style and equipping them with modern household facilities, they turned their houses into elegant hotels and hostels. Sana Historic Hostel in Kashan is a prime instance of such an undertaking. Located in the city center of Kashan near the spellbinding Agha Bozorg mosque, Sana Hostel is a 200-year-old historic building.

Beyond the typical architectural aspects such as a hallway at the entrance (hashti), a yard with a howz (fountain pool), Sana Hostel has other unique features. The building has two floors and the yard is flanked by two terrace-like structure that provide the guests with a stunning view of the yard and the exterior of the main building.

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